The majority of business advisors and consultants will produce a report suggesting what is wrong with and hence could be improved in the business after a couple of visits.At this point you can either choose to take their suggestions and implement them by yourself, or commission them to deliver their solutions.After the initial project the advisor either leaves or is given another project.†

At UMS we believe in a holistic approach and so our mentoring approach is somewhat different.Once we meet and analyse the business and fully understand the managementsí objectives, we establish a project plan with our clients for the next 2-3 years to achieve the stated objectives.From this point on we will spend a number of days per month hands on in our clients business delivering the objectives. Whatever challenge or opportunity our clientís management face we will be there with them.

In the above process, as well as, achieving the objectives we are very focused on skills transfer.So when our clients reach a decision they know exactly why and how they reached that conclusion.For the business to grow, itsí management and their thinking and methodologies employed, need to change and grow.

Due to the time limitations, we can only take on a limited number of clients for mentoring so this service is currently limited to our accountancy clients.Should you wish to discuss this service further please contact UMS on 0845 644 4492 or click here for our contact details.