Flooring Distribution Company 

We switched from using an internal bookkeeper and external accountant to a totally outsourced solution from UMS Accountancy.  Since making the switch our books and management reports have become accurate and we are saving thousands of pounds per annum…... 

Market Research Company

The company became clients of UMS Accountancy a year ago and UMS have sorted out our multi-currency bookkeeping problems and are producing valuable reports for us over and above the standard Sage reports…..

Copier Company

UMS Accountancy were doing our year-end accounts on a monthly payment basis and saving the company hundreds of pounds.  Since changing the management of the company in September 2005, the accounts have been totally outsourced to allow management to focus on the key roles of developing the business and supporting the customer base…….

Recruitment Company

Switching our accountancy services to UMS Accountancy has meant we have saved a few hundred pounds from our annual bills. The monthly payment means I can manage my budget better……

A sole trader

I decided to engage UMS Accountancy to perform my finance function, so that I could spend my valuable time earning more money than the accountancy function costs me.  I recognised I needed to spend time updating my industry knowledge rather than learning about bookkeeping…..

A partnership

Neither of us has a strong financial background and it seems appropriate to focus on what we are good at and employ UMS Accountancy to do what they are good at…….